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onsdag, juli 24, 2024

The Melchizedek order

Wisdom keepers of the light.

Vowed beloved ones of Melchizedek order.

We call thy forth to awaken your remembrance of who you are.

And to channel the akashic golden records of planet earth’s history.

The time is ripe for truths to be revealed.

The keeper’s halls are open for you to enter freely as you have done throughout time and space.

But the truth runs through your veins.

As the golden key is imprinted within your soul.

Oh, you ancient ones.

Wisdom keepers of the light.

Brothers and sisters.

Priests and priestesses.

Close your eyes and let us activate every memory in you.

For it is time for you to awaken, once and for all.

And share your gifts with planet earth.

For the good of all.

With love.

// The Melchizedek order